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5 Tricks to Get the Body You Want!

  Fuel up properly:  Our body is a smart and complex machine and like all machines it requires certain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbs to function properly. The purpose of food is to address these needs. Opting for choices that are high in calories and low in nutrients overfeeds us while keeping us undernourished. This results in lat[...]

10 Tricks to Perfect Skin

1- Eat healthy. The power of nutrition is extremely underrated in our society. We invest thousands on creams and treatments but forget the basic building blocks. Healthy skin without a healthy body is a rare phenomenon. It is crucial to keep yourself well nourished to ensure good skin. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water and avoid[...]

TWO Concert by Verve Event Management

Watching ex-Akcent band members Sorin Brotnei and Mihai Gruia live is always fun, and this concert arranged by Imtisal Zafar (Verve) was no different. These guys, currently forming the band TWO, visit Pakistan frequently and provide nonstop entertainment each time they're here. What an amazing night with great people! Food, music and lovely conversation! [...]

Cocoa Butter, Favourite Body Product!!!

I discovered Cocoa Butter 5 years ago. A friend of mine suggested a product and I was an immediate convert. There were times I managed to get my hands on pure Cocoa Butter and not only applied it all over my body but also ate it. It’s absolutely amazing as a superfood packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. And works wonders both on and in the body. [...]