• Fuel up properly:

 Our body is a smart and complex machine and like all machines it requires certain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbs to function properly. The purpose of food is to address these needs. Opting for choices that are high in calories and low in nutrients overfeeds us while keeping us undernourished. This results in late night binging and extreme weight shifts. Stay away from fad/starvation diets. They slow down our metabolism, lower our energy levels, ultimately make us fatter and demotivating us.


  • Get moving: 

Take up an activity that you enjoy. If spending time in the gym isn’t for you stop torturing yourself. Instead go for a hike or join a dance class. If you’re sporty join a local team and if that doesn’t work, find a work out which you can do at home. Even if it is for 15 minutes do something every day. If all activities seem too much of a hassle, focus on fixing your diet. Lack of energy and loss of motivation mostly comes from poor nutritional habits.


  • Set Realistic Goals: 

When we go on extreme diets such as the ‘Cabbage Soup’ or the ‘Maple Syrup’ diet in an effort to shed fat quickly we’re setting ourselves up for failure. It’s impossible to follow such a low calorie/nutrient lifestyle irrespective of our motivation levels because we cannot survive on this intake. The same goes for exercise. If we vow to spend 4 hours in the gym everyday, we wouldn’t be able to follow through, unless we’re professional athletes that is. We’re bound to have other commitments which will hinder our over ambitious goals. It is vital to have a diet and fitness program that we can adhere to every single day of our lives. Being fit requires a lifestyle change not a few temporary fixes.


  • Stay Inspired: 

It’s crucial to surround yourselves with people you aspire to be like. Not only do they inspire you to set realistic goals, they also show you how to achieve those very goals. If there aren’t many motivational figures around you then search for them online. Follow them on social networks, interact with them on online forums and subscribe to their newsletters. Having positive role models actively pursuing their goals is one of the greatest motivators and aides to achieving any goal.


  • Stay positive:

Most of us have a tendency to be very hard on ourselves. We’re very unforgiving and constantly delve over our failures. It’s crucial to learn from our mistakes but then to move on. Thinking about what we did wrong not only causes negative thinking and emotions but also adversely affects our actions. A bad day does not have to mean a bad week. Let a bad day stay a bad day and focus on the possibilities the future holds for us.


Accomplishing our goals requires hard work and effort, but it doesn’t have to be painful. If we adopt a fitness routine which matches our temperament and keeps our body and mind well balanced we wouldn’t have to go out of our way to stay motivated. And if we do fall off the bandwagon then the inspirational people around us are bound to remind us of our goals.