About My Companies


Raw Philosophy

Physical and Psychological Wellbeing Centre. We focus on holistic healing and have a strong belief that mind and body work together for optimum health. Our medical staff is competent and well trained. We have had amazing success at managing diabetes and are currently researching into nutrition’s effect on cancer. 


NEON Beauty and Makeup Artistry

Makeup Artistry School and Studio. We conduct workshops and offer various courses on makeup and beauty. Taking the former as an art form and later as a necessity, we help educate our students, trainees and workshop attendants in their areas of interest and personal fields. Many of our former students and salons are producing great quality work in the international market. 

NEON Factory

A clothing line revolutionary in it’s designs and concepts. We aim to provide high end, alternative clothing and accessories that enable individuals to express themselves by staying true to their own style. All our products are distinct in quality and reserved in quantity to give a couture like feel to anything you wear from NEON Factory.