This is the one two best foundations I’ve used to date. The other one being Makeup Forever’s HD foundation. What makes it trump MUFE’s HD is that this is the only foundation I’ve stuck to for a year and a half straight. Every time I stray and buy another foundation even by Clinique, the same brand, it goes into my foundation collection never to be used again. Clinique Super Balanced really is that good.




If you’re worried about choice, then dismiss that concern as this foundation comes in 22 shades. It covers a wide spectrum and from what I’ve heard, no on has ever complained about not finding a match.

Super Balanced has a smooth texture and blends easily. It doesn’t feel or look heavy on the skin. It’s medium coverage can be a pro or con depending on what you’re looking for in a foundation. If hiding big blemishes or deep scarring is your top priority then this is not the foundation for you. You would have to do quite a lot of building up to get the result another heavier foundation may get in just one go. On the flipside, the advantage of using a less intense foundation is that your skin peeks through. Which gives it a chance to breathe and prevents your face from looking too artificial or ‘cakey’. This makes it an ideal everyday foundation. Having a matte consistency without any shimmer or glitter makes it just perfect for the ‘no makeup’ look.


There are many other products in the range including the concealer, which is my favourite and their pressed powder. I’m not a big fan of the latter, nothing against this product. I simply don’t like applying powder after ‘this’ foundation. Super Balanced dries quickly and doesn’t come off easily even if one touches their face.  It’s easy to skin this step with Super Balanced. Or at least, it is for me.

Women everywhere complain about their foundation changing colour within the first hour of application. I agree foundations oxidise. It happens with all the time. This is also why makeup companies everywhere are paying their R&D department millions to combat it. All this effort has been fruitful as a number of new foundations do not suffer from this problem. They tend to remain more or less the same hours later. Thankfully, Clinque’s Super Balanaced is one of them. This is great news for ladies who wear makeup for extended periods.

Many people consider it a major flaw that this foundation has no SPF, but I deem it an utter blessing! My skin doesn’t like sunblock. It reacts poorly to the ingredients in it and I’m glad this foundation doesn’t come with any of those. The second advantage of being zinc oxide free is that I don’t have to fear flash photography. That, my lovelies is what has caused a hundred red carpet mishaps with the unforgivable white glow.


Getting to the best part now. This foundation’s star quality! Girls with combination skin can go to sleep easy knowing that their is a foundation out there which addresses their complicated and confusing skin type. Super Balanced, as the name suggests, moisturises areas that are dry and controls oil on greasier regions. It’s a dream come true for girls like me! It is also one of the few products on the market that doesn’t cause breakouts. And I’m not the only one attesting that. So many people have told me this!


As they say somethings are too good to be true. And to make this foundation a reality Clinque ensured its packaging was one of the worst ever made. A frosted glass bottle with just a cap. Ugh! The product rushes out, especially when the bottle is new, and by God there is no stopping it. You can either wash it off your palm and waste it or try pushing it back in. The problem with the latter is that it is extremely unhygienic and not recommended at all. Had there been a pump, it would’ve been easier to control the quantity. And our ever growing fear of germs and bacteria wouldn’t have been a concern.


The Verdict:

Yay! Packaging not be appealing but the product certainly is. Buy it, use it and repurchase it. It’s worth every Rupee, Pound, Dollar, Dirham, Riyal…! My shade in it is ‘Fair’.