I discovered Cocoa Butter 5 years ago. A friend of mine suggested a product and I was an immediate convert. There were times I managed to get my hands on pure Cocoa Butter and not only applied it all over my body but also ate it. It’s absolutely amazing as a superfood packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. And works wonders both on and in the body.


In an ideal world I’d either  have access to pure, organic Cocoa Butter or natural products containing Cocoa Butter as their main active ingredient and wouldn’t have to rely on drug store products. But that is a little difficult. Having said that, there are some products on supermarket shelves which work quite well. They’re almost as good as the real thing. I use them all the time, especially before going to bed.


Benefits of Cocoa Butter


People with deeper skin tones and/or pigmentation have said wonderful things about this product. Some claim that it helps with their age spots and even works as a mild sunblock. I’ve personally never used it in the form of a cream/lotion on my face. But I have tried it on my body and it works. It immediately brightens my dull skin and gives nice glow to it. It contains a wide range of antioxidants with Vitamin E being one of them. And we all know the benefits of Vitamin E when it comes to our skin!

Cocoa Butter is rich in Fatty Acids as it is an oil/fat extracted from the Cocoa Bean. It melts and is easily absorbed when it is rubbed into our skin making it an ideal product for hydration. I’ve got normal skin so I either leave my skin as it is during the summer months or use a very light lotion when I feel it’s . Winter is when I need good hydration. This is the only ingredient which gives me long lasting and skin deep moisturisation. I apply it all over my body after both my morning and bedtime shower. It’s important to apply your moisturiser or oil before your body dries up completely after the shower. This ensures the tiny drops of water are locked into our skin keeping the skin softer for longer.

Reduces Stretch Marks:
Skin stretches due to pregnancy or rapid weight gain. Well hydrated skin is more elastic and does not get damaged easily. Cocoa Butter also helps repair that damage by providing the cells with a nice moisturised and nutrient rich environment.

Great for Sensitive Skin:
Many products work wonders on normal or resilient skin types but fail miserably when it comes to sensitive skin! I’ve got extremely sensitive skin and any harsh ingredient can set it off and give me a rash. Cocoa Butter has become quite popular with not only those individuals with skin sensitivities but those with dermatological issues such as Eczema and Dermatitis. It combats excessive dryness without being too harsh.


Favourite Products

Vaseline CocoaVaseline:

This is my go to moisturiser. I have a smaller bottle of it in my bag in case I need instant moisturisation. This is also the first product I used which contained Cocoa Butter and it is hands down my favourite during the warm summer months. It gives just the right amount of hydration without leaving my skin greasy.




Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter:

If your skin is super dry this product is the one for you! You can apply it all over your body and wake up soft and smooth. If you’re like me and have normal skin then it’s best to use Vaseline Cocoa Butter which is lighter and easier to absorb. I only use this product on my hands and feet before going to bed during Summer. In Winter I drown my entire body in it. This ensures deep hydration throughout the night.







Body Shop Cocoa Butter Scrub:

Love this product! It exfoliates well and I use this once a week. This product not only gets rid of dry/flaky skin but also moisturizes the body. Two in ones are always a plus. I do apply Body Butter or Lotion after I step out of the shower. It is to exfoliate our body in soft, but firm circular motion. This massages our skin without damaging it.

Cocoa Butter is great for Older men and women. It is a must in my mother’s daily routine. With age our skin tends to dry up as fewer oil glands are active. If you’re over 35 and haven’t tried this product you need to! Under 30? Take it from me! Best investment ever.