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Like almost all my shoots, Unveiled happened quite spontaneously. There are two different looks. I’ve kept the eyes same in both of them while changing the hair and lips. I put stains and scratches in photoshop while doing the post.














Hope you liked it. Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.




  1. by ibrahim on August 15, 2015  9:55 pm Reply


  2. by Asia Noor on August 16, 2015  11:13 am Reply

    you are always gorgeous and stylish. i must ask to you why are you perfect one......Love you truly!!! LOL

  3. by Zoya Ali on August 17, 2015  7:14 am Reply

    U look ammmm...azinggg!!! Keep up ur finest work ❤❤

  4. by Samar on August 20, 2015  11:56 am Reply

    beautiful... but for me u look better in the light pink lip gloss(hope i am ryt abt da color!) pic....other then that u look great in both!!

  5. by Farah on September 6, 2015  7:51 am Reply

    Stunning as usual. Anything suits you xx

  6. by saba on September 6, 2015  11:00 am Reply

    Omg! U look sooo goood n pretty..very creative n stylish..hope to see more photos like this :) Xx

  7. by niha on September 6, 2015  4:35 pm Reply

    Very beautiful. Such perfection.

  8. by handay on September 6, 2015  10:54 pm Reply


  9. by mona adnan on September 7, 2015  9:15 pm Reply

    Glamour queen...mashallah

  10. by Asia Noor on September 11, 2015  11:05 am Reply

    Can't wait.......

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