A winged liner truly is a girl’s best friend. It can be worn anywhere and at anytime. Be it to work, lunch or a party. Its versatility is undeniable! This look itself is a favourite of mine. I’ve worn it plenty of times and to various different occasions. It always works! Always!

 The Face

It doesn’t matter how heavily made my eyes are, unless I’m going to a red carpet event I don’t use too much foundation. It’s better to always let a bit of skin shine through. This gives a very natural feel and doesn’t make my face look cakey or powdery. I’ve used Clinique Super Balanced Foundation around my eyes, and a drop on my forehead and chin. Just blended it out and patted it with powder. I then applied the rest of my makeup.



Gloss Prodige

nude 02

This is one of the three products I use almost everyday, the other two being, Bobbi Brown’s Pink Coral Blush and MAC Opulash. Even if I don’t have time to put a liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser on my face my lips are always glossed up. And this gloss is my all time favourite! It moisturises and gives just the right amount of colour without overwhelming the look. The best thing about it is that its quite tacky and doesn’t slide off like many other liquidy lip-products out there.


The Body Shop

Colour Crush Shine

03 Pink Charming

This is a neutral colour leaning towards cooler tones. I know it seems to be a beauty faux pax pairing a cooler lip with warmer eyes but it looked so good and went well with the entire feel. The cheeks and lip gloss I’ve used complete the look well. Sorry Beauty Police but I might have gotten this one right.



Bobbi Brown


Pink Coral 31

The other product I use everyday is this blusher. I still remember walking to the Bobbi Brown counter and literally being forced to buy it. The sales girl was convinced that this was my colour. And oh boy! Was she right about that! This was one of the best buys I’ve ever made! I love powder blushers during all seasons, especially summers. This is the most natural looking shade and if you’ve got my skin tone buy it without hesitating!

The Eyes



When applying eyeliner, it is all about precision. For beginners I would recommend a pen-liner instead of the gel one I used here. It is tougher to handle and needs quite a bit of practice.






 I’m a loyal fan of Blacktrack. And until a better liner comes my way I’ll be staying faithful to this one. It’s intense and doesn’t budge one bit. For all my lovelies with a single eyelid, I recommend that you don’t fully open your eyes until it dries. This will prevent the liner from getting on your top lid. The advice is good post-mascara application as well.



Eye Shadow Frost


My third pot of Goldmine. That’s how much I like this eye shadow. Haha, I’ve got all my favourites in one post! This is a nice warm colour and works well day and night.



Ombres 5 Lumières


I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this palette. I used the brown eyeliner for a smoked out effect that you can see above my gel liner in this look. In daily use I line my eyes with it, achieving a softer wing. The white shadow here is my favourite highlighter replacement. Not just under my brows but for my cheeks and forehead as well. This isn’t the same as strobing.I use only a little bit which ensures the finished look remains matte.