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  1. Doesn’t Crash

Chrome doesn’t crash nor does it freeze just because of one tab, video or window. The greatest advantage is its ability to perform well while compartmentalising and isolating all applications. In short, one bad site won’t shut down your entire browser.



  1. Super fast.

Not only does Chrome load very fast when it is first opened, it also responds very quickly to clicks on links. As each tab or window functions autonomously the workings of one does not affect the other. You can continue to browse a site effortlessly even if the others crash.



  1. Invisible.

Special attention was paid to its design to ensure the absence of any distracting features. It’s clean and we’re focused entirely on the site we’re visiting. By dedicating almost 97% of the screen to browsing, creators of Chrome intended it to be more of an interactive experience as opposed to simple surfing. I believe this really is the best anyone could do being restricted by a 2D flat screen.






  1. Omnibox

I always wondered why browsers took so long to incorporate this feature. I remember wishing for it when Yahoo! was the only search engine out there. Chrome has taken this feature beyond my expectation. The Omnibox distinguishes between a URL and search terms taking us to the appropriate results. It also has a prediction and autofill option which makes the life of lazy should oh-so-easy!







  1. Remembers

Chrome remembers and displays your 8 most visited sites on its homepage. In case you don’t want your browser history to be visible you can choose any pages you’d like to appear once you load the program.



  1. Incognito

Chrome offers a perfect solution for private browsing. While browsing incognito there is no trail, trace or evidence of where one has been or intends to go. The window itself is separate so you can browse with many other sites open at the same time.








  1. Extensions

Extensions are what truly make the Google Chrome experience worth it. Having the option to install various application gives Chrome the flexibility and adaptability that is necessary in the ever changing cyber world. From Ad Blockers to appealing night time viewing, extensions really offer it all.


Google Chrome is currently one of the best browsers out there. It doesn’t enjoy its former position of being the fastest browser nor is it the only one to offer extensions or incognito browsing but there is no denying that its a great application. The problem with online services is that once you offer something new and useful you can bet someone else will be there to follow suit or even provide something better. Chrome has learnt from others and others have learnt from Chrome. In this ever changing cyber world nobody knows who the next Browser Giant will be.


The Verdict: 

A definite Yay! This is an amazing browser and I’m a faithful convert! Love the extensions, love the omnibox, absolutely love the homepage. In short I love Google Chrome! Giving it an A