Like almost all of Gen-Y I’m a phone user. I truly use it for everything except editing/writing long articles. At any given time I’ve got 2 to 3 phones handy. One for work, one for my personal use and one to just sit around because it’s not as good as the other two. I won’t lie I’m an android lover. I’ve had all models of Iphone but somehow I’ve never really been convinced of its celebrity status. So, when I was gifted IPhone 6 after I’d vowed never to invest in another IPhone I was skeptical. This skepticism turned into pure joy the minute I saw the redesign! Beautiful aluminum body with a few forgivable stripes to ensure transmission of data, sleek curved edges for a smoother hold, and a bigger, brighter screen for easier usage! Had Apple finally created a phone to win me over?


IPhone 6 is Apple’s best phone to date. I absolutely love the design, with all its flaws. Yes, including the conspicuous camera that sticks out as if it was installed as an after thought. The phone is a real beauty and better yet, comes in three different metallic colors.


Functionally, Apple did make a few improvements. Battery life is slightly better than IPhone 5S. Wireless speed and connectivity is also good and beats all my current androids. It’s certainly fast and I find accessing apps has never been quicker even with a passcode on! Sitting at Fashion Week I didn’t have to worry about missing out on photographing a dress just because I wouldn’t have been able to access the camera fast enough. This helped me sit comfortably and allowed me to save battery life.


I use my phones camera a lot, and I really mean a lot. A part from selfies and photos of my family I snap everything including contracts, agreements, sketches or ideas for work. This makes me, somewhat, an expert on cameras. *Chuckle*


Apple added Focus Pixel, which makes autofocus much faster and more precise. Besides being able to access the camera quickly during Fashion Week I was also able to take steadier and blur free photos. Thank you updated camera. Having said that, the 8MP iSight camera is not the best phone camera out there. When I used to upload photos with my android people often asked me which camera I was using as the result were great. Now, Instagrammers have actually complained about my photo quality. I feel that the IPhone 6 camera misses out on detail and fails miserably when zoomed. It can and should really be improved.


Apple is great with software there is no denying that. iOS8 is quite an improvement with many new tweaks. It’s got a new Health App, it has Apple Pay and a new keyboard (had to bring up the keyboard!). Unfortunately, what makes us truly miserable is that no cellular service has picked up the IPhone here like they’ve done with Blackberry and Samsung. Thus, truly limiting our complete experience. So long Apple Pay!


Apple has much stiffer competition when it comes to phones than it did 5 years ago. Many other android phones are offering a much better user experience with a significantly lower price tag. It might be the Angelina Jolie of phones right now but Apple needs to bring in something revolutionary to keep one of its hottest selling items in the limelight.


The Verdict: 

If you’re an IPhone lover this device is the best thing to have happened to you. If you prefer other android devices then don’t buy into the hype. This phone is gorgeous to look at but there are much better functioning devices out there. They will also satisfy your needs without emptying your account. Many phones offer bigger screens or better cameras if those are your key concerns. Research and choose a device which is best for you. iPhone 6 is a luxury many people can go without.