I have a rule in life: Make investments that have long term benefits instead of short term fulfilment. It applies to work, relationships, food and even extends to my shopping choices. It really is one of the best rules to follow! I’ve heard so many girls complain that they’ve bought things they’ve never worn or paid for expensive accessories which can only be worn with one outfit. Not me. Clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery are also an investment remember? And what could truly be a greater investment than our wedding clothes? It’s true, I’ve worn all my clothes multiple times. My Valima dress is literally in 15 different wedding albums.  And I’m not embarrassed of it. It’s a beautiful dress! I love buying new clothes but where there is no need why splurge?

The Look

I’m a fan of traditional looking brides. It’s the only time when we can channel our Anaar Kali or Noor Jahan and spend our days and even nights looking like regal princesses and queens. But there are days even royalty allows their personality to shine rather than the kilos of gold and jewels abundantly adorned by all brides. I love my historical figures and I love their fashion but for me it’s crucial to keep the look simple and clean. I did this by only wearing a simple pair of pearl earrings. I’d wear a few rings and a string of pearls but nothing more than that. Excess or bulky jewellery will most likely drown me and the outfit. It is after all only a Dholki Look. If I had chose to do a Valima or Reception Look with this dress then I would certainly add a heavier necklace, a few bangles or bracelets and number of rings to make the outfit appear heavier than it actually is.



The Dress

I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it! It isn’t the dress I wore on any of my dholkis. Trust me, If I’d seen it I definitely would’ve bought it! This dress is LOVE! It’s super comfortable which is very important for me. I also enjoyed being able to move freely in it. I danced a lot on my dholkis and Mayun as only close family and friends were there. So, if you’re like me and like to enjoy your own wedding as much as your siblings or friends this dress is perfect for you! It can also be worn to a friends or cousins wedding later on. If you’re going for a simple wedding then this dress can be worn on your Nikkah or even reception. With small alterations it will look absolutely beautiful.





The detailed work on the back is absolutely beautiful. This dress did not come with a Dupatta so I chose one I thought went best with it. I felt it completed the outfit and turned it into more of a Bridal formal than something the Bride’s sister or friend would wear. Of course, afterwards one could opt to wear it without the dupatta.




The Designer

Zara Shahjahan is truly one of the most talented designers our country has produced in the last decade. Her cuts are feminine, motifs are modern and designs are authentic. Every time I go to her store, and I visit often, I literally try on everything. This look too is a result of one of those sessions. We shot it in her Lahore store which is absolutely beautiful!




The Makeup 

Even though my makeup is quite heavy I managed to keep my look fresh with a bright blusher and lipstick. If you want this look click on the link below.