Fat Chance

By Robert Lustig

The 80/10/10 Diet

by Douglas N. Graham



The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

By Gene Stone

A while ago I got super sick. I would break out in hives all over and it was a nightmare! I wasn’t eating properly, I was super stressed, majorly over worked and significantly sleep deprived. I’m sure all these were contributing factors along with other triggers. I’m a firm believer that all bad things happen for a very good reason. And my sickness was a wake up call. Being a working mother and an overcompensating parent as I’m eternally guilty about “not spending enough time with my kids” even though I work from home I barely focus on my own health. Quite an irony because I actually guide others towards a better lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll never see me with a Big Mac in my hands or a can of coke down my throat. I never eat unhealthy. NEVER. I do, on the other hand, sacrifice on sleep. I just don’t sleep and I overwork. So, when I ended up on a hospital bed with an IV in my arms and my family around me I knew I had to do something. For me change means educating myself further, reading, researching and implementing! Armed with ambition to get back to my super healthy self I started looking for a book which could bring me back to my zen state. What I found next was a true inspiration!



I didn’t expect much from it to be honest! But once I started reading I really couldn’t put it down until I was on page 204 and the Acknowledgments showed up! Buy it and read it in your free time. It’s absolutely wonderful.


Stone brings forward 25 principles that promote a healthier mind and body. These are the secrets of people who never get sick. Of course, the secrets themselves range from the widely hailed like doing yoga or being spiritual to a bit bizarre such as hydrogen peroxide therapy. He looks at science to explain why and how each secret is effective and explains how we may incorporate each into our own lifestyle.


Giving us 25 options to choose from, even incorporating 3 or 4 can considerably improve our quality of life. I’ve been vegan for around 4 years now and have noticed the advantages of a plant-based diet. I’m also a big believer in calorie restriction and never overeating to ensure a healthier and younger body.


There are a few secrets I might try but I doubt I’ll incorporate them into my routine. Eating dirt is one of them. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of the benefits of consuming this most abundant resource. But, let’s just say that I’m not ready to go for it anytime soon.


Friends, garlic, lifting weights, napping, pH balancing and herbal remedies are all amazing secrets. They’re an active part of my life.


If you’re new to this field or simply want to adopt a healthier way of living you should read this book. Stone presents the secrets in a way which is fun to read and easy to understand. I absolutely loved the way the chapters are laid out. Stone gives us a little anecdotal story, uses science to explain the reasoning behind it and discusses how we can benefit from the knowledge he’s shared.


The only drawback to this book is that it does not really offer anything new. Those of us who have been in this field already know most of the information presented. If you’re looking for a revolutionary new way of leading your life, Stone does not offer one. He does offer the tried and tested way which really do work.


 The Verdict:

A definite Yay for the beginner and a maybe for those already in the field.